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    Rubbolite (Flexible Lamps)U.K.'s #1 lamp specialists have been manufacturing lamps for eighty years.
We carry the largest stock of 'F L' products in the Highlands.
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Britax-pmg Britax-psv
Manufacture a full range of Beacons, Lamps, Mirrors, Wiper equipment, Gas Struts.
We are the #1 Stockist and Distributor for the Highlands.
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#1 Stockist for The Highlands
| Anti-Luce Fastners | Gudgeon Pins | Ferry Rings | Spade Hinges | Rope Hooks | Forkets | Ventilators | Pin & Chains | Aluminium Rope Hooks |
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auto electrical parts

| Work Lamps | Switches & Indicators | Cable & Wiring | Relays & Flasher Units
TFT Flat Screen Colour LCD Sound Reverse Cameras 12/24V

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Lampion Automotive Light Bulbs

Fire Extinguishers | Battery Terminals | Latex Gloves | Hose Clips | Sealed Beam Units | Bulbs | Cable

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Beacons & Lightbars

C.V.Lighting & Worklamps | Beacons & Lighting Bars | Beacon Bars made to specification.

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Reverse in Safety

Reverse Cameras | Reverse Alarms | Reverse Sensors | Wide Angle Mirrors
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    Tacho Discs | Walletts | Inspection Pads | Defect Books | Accident Kits | Analysers | Driver Hours Guard | Record Books | Tremcard Holders | Cabinet Files | Waste Transfer Books | Working Time Directive Planners, Record Books, Envelopes & Laminate A5 posters |
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New Product Accident Kit

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